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Stewart ComGraph

Stewart ComGraph is a privately owned computer graphics company that that was created to specialize in multimedia support, and has been serving these needs in the San Diego business community since June, 1987. Stewart ComGraph was the first company to offer computer file imaging for 35mm slides within San Diego County, for both PC and Mac files. This wasthe core of our business through 1997. Over the years we have expanded into various specialty areas.

In 1989 we acquired a high-end digital animation workstation that allowed use to create 3D animation for both video and film. We created logo animations for various video projects, as well as animation that was used to illustrate specific technologies. Most notable were the videos produced for Hybritech (a San Diego Based biotech company) and Sensotron (a Huntington Beach company using silicon wafer sensor technology). In 1995, Stewart ComGraph completed an animation project that was used in a film entitled "Safe House", starring Patrick Stewart of the Star Trek Next Generation fame.

Over the years we have provided other capabilities to our corporate clients such as to design and create full color business cards, digitizing video for computer-based presentations (PowerPoint) and the web, as well as 3D animation. Since 1995, we have been involved in the cutting edge of lenticular technology in partnership with InDepth Imaging, a Burbank based company.

The lenticular technology has allowed us to produce 3D and animated (video) playback on a wide range of products. These products consist of extremely high-resolution images precisely aligned and bonded to a matched lens array sheet. This lenticular sheet decodes the images and plays back the desired effect to the viewer as he/she changes their position in relation to the image. The effect is not unlike a hologram, but with three key advantages over holography;

1) the image is in full natural color (24 bit color depth),
2) it can be made from any subject in almost any size, and
3) it does not require special lighting to view properly. Also, there is no need to cross your eyes or for special

The list of clients include the San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau, most major movie studios, and most recently, all the tickets for the planned concert tour of the late Michael Jackson. Our most recent breakthrough with this technolgy now allows us to take high end 3D portraits of individuals or groups of people.